Wine, flowers, seafood and adventure….
…. the Matzikama region has such diversity to offer.

Vredendal is in the heart of the Matzikama district on the West Coast of South Africa.

Just 300km from Cape Town, off the Cape to Namibia N7 route, Vredendal is surrounded by the towns of Klawer, Vanrhynsdorp, Lutzville, Koekenaap, Strandfontein and Doringbaai.

The dry Matzikama district has little annual rainfall, but the life-giving Olifants river transforms it into a thriving agriculture district.

The main produce is grapes – for wine making with Namaqua Wines, the largest Co-op winery in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as other Co-op cellars in the region. There are numerous other private wines cellars which produce some of the finest wines in the Western Cape.

The clean air that blows from the sea, and the low crime rate, make Vredendal a sought-after place to live.

The town compares well with some of the larger cities and serves the greater community with an excellent hospital, two airstrips, a large mall, all the major banks and most church denominations. Vredendal also boasts one of the best academic schools in the Western Cape as well as two private schools on the outskirts of the town.

The Matzikama district is also well known for the numerous mining activities and technology advancements such as the wind and solar farms with more to come.

Activities and Attractions

Seafood and sunsets
By road the sea is about 50km from Vredendal, where you can stroll on the beaches enjoying sundowners with the most beautiful sunsets the West Coast has to offer, or go crayfish diving.

Hiking and 4×4 adventure trails
About 50 km inland is the Maskam Mountain escarpment which is a weekend break-away haven, where you can enjoy numerous hiking trails, sleep-overs in immaculate guest-houses, or just exploring the numerous 4×4 routes.

Wining, Dining and Flowers
To the north on the N7 is daisy flower haven after the winter rains. There are also a multitude wine & dine places to enjoy, or you can partake in the social life activities which are in abundance.

Please visit our Namaqua West Coast Tourism website to learn more about the surroundings, attractions and events.